International GT event at Silverstone

As promised, here are a few more photos from the International GT event at Silverstone a couple of weeks back. I love photography and I love cars, which basically means any opportunity to go and 'shoot' them is great for me. However, going to a competitive motor-sport event like this really does tick all of the boxes. With many millions of pounds of machinery on display from McLarens to Porsche's and my beloved 459 Italia's, lot's of 458 Italia's - I really was in heaven!  


Though the surprise of the day for me was literally a 'surprise'. Whilst walking along the paddock, minding my own business and happily snapping away, it's no shock to hear a few loud rev's of an engine. However, nothing had prepared me for the engine firing up on the Corvette GT, to say it is loud is an understatement, it is LOUD! At this point, I decided to pop in some ear plugs and head out on to the track, keeping a safe distance between me and the ear destroyer...


Watching some of the worlds most beautiful cars being pushed to the limits is enough of a treat for any petrol head, however, getting access to the pits is something special and I even managed to go one further and got out on the starting grid to take a close looking around the cars as the teams made their final preparations. Although nothing can quite compare to the glitz and the glamour of F1, there was still plenty of eye-candy on the grid in every possible sense... And to round it off, one of those little opportunities in life that can't be turned down presented itself as the starting official, for some un-be-known reason shouted down to me 'Are you coming up then?' Yes, yes I am... I raced to the top of the starting line gantry to watch the 20+ GT cars (and 3 of the ear destroyers!) thunder underneath my feet for a rolling start as I desperately tried to fire away whilst soaking in this great opportunity!  All in all, I've had worse days!