Formula 1 Testing at Silverstone

Formula 1 cars are amazing things, I'm not even a huge F1 fan but I've got to admit, I do find them incredible to watch. Nothing quite prepares you for the noise and the speed when watching an F1 car in the flesh. Last Friday, I had the opportunity to go to Silverstone to watch the mid-season testing.  

We all know that F1 is not exactly a 'working class' sport with tickets for the actual race days costing many hundreds of pounds. However, with tickets for the testing costing just £15 I would strongly urge everyone to go to one of these testing events to experience the assault on the senses that these performance machines give you. It may not have the competitive element of the full race day but it is certainly enough of a taster to make you consider shelling out for the real thing. Here are a few of the images...