Shooting the Volvo V60 Polestar

Maybe it’s my age but I do like a big wagon. So when I had the chance to shoot the big Volvo V60 Polestar, I was rather excited. History is littered with big Volvo’s that excite the boy-racer in all of us. However, that little blue ‘Polestar’ badge reassures you that this is something special.

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Only a 125 of the V60 Polestar have been made so this thing is rare, which helps justify the £50k price tag. The other thing that helps justify it is the big lump under the bonnet that ensures this thing lives up to it’s predecessors.

From the outside, apart from clean modern styling, there is very little to give away what lies beneath. Sporty wheels, that blue Polestar badge and cavernous twin pipes at the back are all that give you a hint of what this thing can do. The absolute icing on the cake for this big sleeper though was the noise, an incredible burble followed by a roar as you open it up. It really was the highlight for me and something I will miss.

As for the shoot itself, I absolutely love the styling of this car so I knew that I would get some decent images. I wanted to find some gritty, urban locations to juxtapose with the crisp clean lines of the car. First stop, a siding by a motorway with a lot of lovely concrete as a back drop.

Photography is all about the light and we were treated to a pretty awesome sunset, next stop was on top of a local car park. It can be difficult to find quiet places to shoot cars were you are generally undisturbed and you can have the space to yourself. Car parks are ideal, although not always the prettiest, but with the right light and a bit of imagination they can look great.

Final stop was a bit of a secret location and a spot that I’d never shot in before. It made for a good long exposure shot with the red of the brake lights really topping the image off. All together, this was a great shoot with an amazing car. Days like this are why I love photographing cars.