Take your top off! Shooting the Bentley GTC - Part 2

The next day, we were on for a ridiculously early start to catch the right kind of light. However, even at a heart-crushing 4.45am – the sound of that 4.0litre V8 soon had the smile back on my face. There are always some pretty standard shots that I like to grab early on, front and rear three-quarters, side on, full frontal etc. But the GTC added another dimension, notably that ‘C’ part. One of the best parts of this car, from a photography point of view, was the fact that we could strip the fancy folding roof off and get unlimited access to that beautiful interior.

I must admit, I’m not really a fan of convertibles, but in the Bentley, it just seemed to make sense. This car has everything that you could ask for. On our final evening with it, we took the car to a suitably classy country location with the added bonus of some farmyard machinery to compare it to. On a sunny summers evening and an engine noise to die for, there is no way that you would put even the most luxurious of cloth roofs up!

We shot the car in several different spots and the versatility of this car really shone through. It looked great in front beautiful rural buildings and looked mean when placed in the dark and moody sheds, is this the car for all occasions? After grabbing a few details and a couple panning shots, it was time to take the car back.

I was already pretty pleased with the shots of the Bentley on the way back we decided to stop and grab one last ‘hero’ image. I love long exposure photography and knew the light trails below the bridge would add to the drama of what is already a very dramatic car! Setting the camera to a 30 second exposure, I released the shutter and stood back and let the camera do the work. In those last few seconds, staring at the GTC, I knew that much like the Speed, I was going to miss this car…

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