Week from Hell...

I think you can tell from the title why I have not been able to update the website this week! I've been completely distracted by one or two major projects so not really been able to get out with the camera. However, I have added a few photos to Instagram (see the feed on the right there) and don't forget add me @rossjukes

So what is in store for the future? Potentially got some decent cars to shoot, F-type, McLaren and anything else I can find in the meantime. If anybody out there would like their car 'portfolio' then let me know, I'm happy to shoot most things :) 

I am also just about to arrange a few portrait sessions so keep an eye out on the site for a few new faces, again, if there are any potential models out there living in the Birmingham area, let me know and I'll happily arrange a shoot. So hopefully more regular posts next week... Thanks.