The Hyundai Veloster

A little while back, I got the opportunity to shoot a Hyundai Veloster. Never one to turn down an opportunity, I said yes and arranged the shoot. We scouted a few locations around the outskirts of Birmingham and found a great location just outside Sutton Coldfield. The timing was perfectas well, the summer sun hung around just long enough to get some great dusky shots and add atmosphere to the shoot. 

At first, I was a little underwhelmed by the car, the performance isn't amazing and I was unsure about the looks. After editing the shots, I must admit, my feelings have changed and the Veloster has grown on me. Hyundai have clearly 'Beefed' things up with a few sporty tweaks here and there and a major talking point is it's quirky door configuration but overall, it's not a bad car at all and a good evenings 'shooting' as well...