Capturing the Atom

I'm just about to sit down and start editing the weekends shots of the Arial Atom. Being a car enthusiast, I was well aware of what the Atom was capable of, but nothing can quite prepare you for the aggressive way it accelerates!  I've been in fast cars and on fast bikes before but the little Atom is so impressive with the way it delivers it's power

Capturing the Atom, as I'm sure many scientist will agree, proved to be quite a challenge. The 'minimal' nature of the car provides a lot of interesting angles and little details. There is no doubt that it is stunning to look at, but it goes without saying that it wasn't without it's own challenges.  

I was also amazed at just how much attention the car got whilst out on the street, in fairness, the exhaust isn't exactly discreet and the bright orange bodywork does tend to catch the eye, but people looked genuinely amazed as it passed by. All in all, it is a stunning little car.