Welcome to my site

Thank you for taking the tome to view my site. In the blog section I will regularly be posting about my adventures, projects that I am working on, a few 'Behind the scenes' articles and of course, random shots of whatever I come across.  

Add me on Instagram - @rossjukes

Add me on Instagram - @rossjukes

I will also be talking about any 'hot topics' (without sounding too much like Alan Partridge) in the photography world and maybe even showcasing some of the work of other photographers that I admire, though that is like 'Dr Pepper' saying 'Drink Coca-cola' I am a passionate about photography and therefore want to talk about, even if it's about (ahem) better photographers.... They're not, use me!!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, queries, ideas for photo projects and obviously if you have any photographic needs, I would be happy to help.  If you could also 'like' the Facebook page, I will also be posting my adventures there too and hoping to build a bit of a community. Oh, and add me on Instagram - @rossjukes