Take your top off! Shooting the Bentley GTC - Part 1...

You can hear it before you see it, the deep burble of that big V8 rumbling away somewhere down the road, the Bentley GTC is on it’s way! Having previously shot the GT Speed I was very excited to see what the curvy beauty looked like with her top off. I wasn't disappointed!

As the convertible edged around the corner a few hundred feet away from me, I couldn’t help but grin as Paul gave the accelerator a little poke and in an instant, the Bentley was a few hundred feet closer! As Paul parked it up, I did what I always do when we have a car to shoot and I stood back and studied it for a few minutes.

The GTC looked very striking; this particular car was a deep black that gave it an almost menacing feel which was only broken by the dashes of chrome down the sides. The white leather interior cut a stark contrast to the outside of the car and gave the whole package a feeling of class and refinement. After drooling a little too long, it was time to get in and get the car out to our first location.

I instantly knew that images of this car would look good edited into a moody Black and White so with an equally moody industrial looking background, we were on to a winner straight away. I’ve always loved the big curvy hips of the Bentley Continentals, they look like it’s winding up to pounce on it’s prey! By losing the roof it all adds to the drama, accentuating the big arch above the rear wheels.

After grabbing a healthy mix of static and panning shots, we took the car for a spin around the City centre on the hunt for alternative locations. You can really tell that you’re in a £200k car, not just by the jealous looks of the pedestrians either, the interior was amazing. The seats hugged you like a classy armchair whilst the big lumps of Carbon Fibre across the dash reminded you were in a something that would tear your face off if you stamped on the accelerator.

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